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Reservation and Cancellation Policies
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Policies/Terms of Service for Reservations and the Cancellation of Services of Hotel Pousada Natureza.

Reservation Contract

The present contract regulates the process of the reservation of lodging services between Hotel Pousada Natureza (hereafter: "the hotel") and the contractor (hereafter: "the guest") specified by the type of accommodation, period, number of guests, and the daily value of services.

The sending of the payment receipt by hotel Pousada Natureza as a guarantee for the reservation seals the agreement between the hotel and the guest to the terms of this contract

The validity of a reservation prior to its confirmation is defined by these terms of service. No guarantee is given for a reservation before a receipt has been issued. In order for a reservation to take full effect, a voucher of the deposit for the reservation or an authorization for a credit card charge need to be sent to the hotel, by fax or email, within the defined period.

The reservation will lose its validity, independently of previous communication, if the voucher of the deposit for the reservation to take effect or the authorization for charging from a credit card have not been sent to the hotel, even if a deposit has been made.

A payment receipt that guarantees the reservation is sent to the guest by the hotel, via fax or email, within at least 48 (forty and eight) hours after the confirmation of a deposit or a successful credit card charge.

THE GUARANTEE OF THE RESERVE IS THE PAYMENT RECEIPT EMITTED BY THE HOTEL TOGETHER WITH THE RESERVATION TERMS. The hotel is not obliged to acknowledge reservations that did not have a payment receipt emitted for them. Guests who sent in the voucher of the deposit or debit authorization and did not receive a payment receipt need to contact the hotel and request the receipt.

The hotel agrees to supply the accommodation requested by the guest for the period defined in the reservation terms, to monitor the luggage the guest leaves in his room, to offer a pleasant, clean and morally healthy environment to the guest, to respect the terms of this contract, and to supply all service comprised by the daily fees.

# Use of the private room and the installations of the hotel such as restaurant and swimming pool.

# CHECK-IN time begins at 14.00 h and CHECK-OUT time ENDS at 11.00 AM.

# BREAKFAST is served in the restaurant between 8.00 h and 10.30 AM.

# Rooms are cleaned is daily, unless otherwise requested by the guest.

# Sheets and towels are changed every TWO DAYS. The guest may request that sheets and towels be changed daily. This counts as an extra service will be billed by the hotel with a value of 10% of the total value of the reservation.

The hotel will supply a card to the guest, stating his name and the dates of the beginning and the end of his stay at the hotel. In case of alterations in the period of stay, the information displayed on the card must be changed accordingly.

The guest agrees to make adequate use of the installations, its furniture and movable items (sheets, towels, dishes, electrical devices etc.), to behave in a morally acceptable manner, to respect the internal regulations of the hotel and to respect the terms of this contract.

Children of up to 5 years of age staying with the person responsible for them enjoy integral courtesy, ie. will stay fee of charge. Additional children pay the price of an adult.

The full payment of 100% of the value of the reservation has to be made to the hotel at check-in time, in cash or by check or credit card.

The possibility of extending the period of stay defined in the reservation terms can not be guaranteed. Extensions need to be requested at the reception. If the service is available, its full value needs to be paid in advance, and the information on the guest card (VI.) needs to be updated accordingly.

In the case of a cancellation of the reservation or an interruption of the stay in the hotel without proven just cause, the following regulations apply:


# Above 30 days after the date of check-in, no fines will be charged.

# Between 29 and 15 days after the date of check-in, a fine of 25% on the total value of the reservation will be charged.

# Between 14 and 05 days after the date of check-in, a fine of 50% on the total value of the reservation will be charged.

# Between 04 and 01 days after the date of check-in, a fine of 100% on the total value of the reservation will be charged;

Failure to attend the contracted services or their interruption results in a fine of 100% of the total value of the contracted reservation will.


# Above 30 days after the date of check-in, a fine of 25% of the total value of the contracted reservation(s) will be charged.

# Below 30 days after the date of check-in, the failure to attend to the contracted services, their interruption, or their cancellation will be charged with a fine of 100% of the total value of the reservation(s).

XII. The time period in which the hotel will effectuate the devolution of credit regarding a cancellation or an alteration of a reservation is 60 days, counting from the date of the respective request. 

Negotiations regarding the terms of this contract need to be communicated in written from and have to signed by the hotel and by the contractor, respectively.

The court to settle questions or disputes regarding this contract is the court (forum) of the City of Valença, Bahia, Brazil



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