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:: Sports ::

Practicing sports in Morro de São Paulo is the easiest thing to do. Since locomotion is almost exclusively done by foot, light exercising will be a natural part of your day to day on the island. And there are many options for those who want more.

  • The beaches are the first choice for long hikes and running, especially during low tide.
  • Swimming can be practiced on almost all the beaches.
  • Sailing, cayaking and water ski wakeboarding are available at Gamboa Beach.
  • Surfing and diving gear as well as inflatable "banana boats" can be rented on Primeira Praia Beach.
  • For Capoeira, beach volleyball and beach soccer, try Segunda Praia Beach.
  • Facilities for cayaking exist on Terceira Praia,
  • and for bicycling on Quarta Praia.
  • Horseback riding is possible all over the island, and can easily be arranged, at hourly or daily rates.
  • If you're into yoga, there are courses in the village and on Terceira Praia.
  • For those who look forward to bring up some adrenalin, there's a Tyrolean traverse (option to slide along a rope) from the lighthouse down to Primeira Praia, covering 57 meters in height and 340 meters in distance, dropping you off in the clear waters by the first beach.
  • While fishing as a sport isn't practiced a lot on the island, you'll find some options when asking around, plus you can always join the local fishermen on their trips.
  • Diving with a snorchel is easy and possible almost everywhere, and especially by the natural pools near the historic fort and Quarta Praia. For the pros, there's also diving school that rents out equipment and recommends interesting points.

Detailed information on all options and more is available at the reception.


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