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Morro de São Paulo - Beaches
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:: Beaches to the North of Morro de São Paulo ::

The beaches to the North of Morro de São Paulo face the protected waters of the Bay of Tinharé and are generally less frequented and calmer than the ocean beaches. There are many small inlets, one more beautiful than the other, with clear and warm waters seamed by native forest. Only lately they became more known to tourists, who caught up upon a piece of magic the island had guarded for insiders only.

Praia do Forte (Fortress Beach) .. history lessons and natural aquariums

Located right next to the historic fortress, ideal to combine with a visit to the historic fort
in the late afternoons. Make sure you come during low tide, when natural swimming pools and aquariums form in its vicinities.
The sunset is spectacular, and during the winter, dolphin spotting is easy.

Porto de Cima Beach ... quiet but not isolated

Porto de Cima Beach and is a beach for those who like shallow and calm waters, tranquility, but yet prefer not to walk too far and/or end up entirely isolated. It is the first inlet on the Northern side of the island, facing the bay, and easy to reach.

"Praia do Iate" (Yacht Beach) ... deep waters and enchanting reefs

A small inlet to the Morro de São Paulo, frequented by those one who like deep and transparent waters. You can dive from a small pier, snorchel around coral reefs (to the right of the pier), or let the gentle waves play with your skin while you chat with friends.

Praia da Ponta da Pedra (Stone Point Beach)... a garden by the sea

A series of charming small inlets seamed by dense vegetation, with a strong Hawaiian touch -  except for the waves, which are very calm. Low tides bring up small pools that make marvelous natural bathtubs.

Praia das Tartarugas (Turtle Beach)... great for water sports

One of the few spots on Tinharé island where is is possible to appreciate sea turtles, which every now and then curiously stick their heads out of the water. A broad strip of white sand and calm waters make it an ideal place to spend the entire day on the beach and/or practice water sports such as sailing, water ski, wind surf or cayaking. Praia das Tartarugas had long been a place frequented by insiders alone, and only lately tourists have picked on its many charms.

Gamboa Beach ... the river, the bay and the sea

Gamboa Beach marks the limit between the villages of Morro de São Paulo and Gamboa. Like all beaches on the Northern side of the island, it is a quiet and has calm waters. Its broad strip of sand is ideal for children. It's worthwhile to visit the fishing village of Gamboa on the Western end of the beach, whose beachfront has quite a Mediterranean feel in the late afternoon sun.


:: Beaches to the South of Morro de Sao Paulo ::

Primeira Praia (1st Beach)... deeper waters and surf

Of a singular beauty, it is the only beach in Morro de São Paulo that has reasonable waves and therefore is the meeting point of surfers, especially during winter. Shaped like a crescent moon, it is a small inlet with deep green waters, about 500 meters long and seamed with small local vacation houses and hotels. It is one of the busier beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo, with several barracas-de-praia (beach bars).

Segunda Praia (2nd Beach)... to see and to be seen: a taste of Brazilian beach life.

Segunda Praia measures about 800 meters and has calm, warm and crystal clear waters. It features a tiny island with a few palm trees at its Southern tip (named "Ilha da Saudade" - "Island of Longing"), which adds to the overall charm of the place. Besides its natural beauty, Segunda Praia Beach is where the Brazilian passion for partying finds its most definite expression on the island. Segunda Praia Beach is ideal for those who want to see and to be seen. It is the most frequented beach of Morro de São Paulo and offers a wide range of leisure options.

There are options to practice beach volleyball, "futevôlei" (a mixture between soccer and volleyball) and racketball. Theres a great number barracas-de-praia (beach huts and bars) with a good selection of music and cookery. If you like the social life of the urban beaches of Brazil, on Segunda Praia you have it in a more natural setting. Spend the day tanning, meet people, practice sports, chat away and make new friends. If you stay until 18.00, you can watch the locals practice their traditional Capoeira. You'll notice that Segunda Praia never sleeps. Its quietest moments are in the early evenings, when people relax and go out eat, but at least by midnight the action picks up once again. Countless parties and "luaus" rock the beach all night long, under a tropical sky, until the morning comes..

Terceira Praia (3rd Beach)... check out the diving

Terceira Praia is not far from Segunda Praia and typically frequented by those who like to be close to the action, but prefer a bit calmer environment during the nights. Terceira Praia features a tiny island, named "Ilha do Caitá", located at its Southern end. There, you'll find good options for swimming and cayaking and snorchling.

Quarta Praia (4th Beach) ... your own natural aquarium

Stretching over several kilometers, Quarta Praia is the largest beach near Morro de São Paulo. Protected by coral reefs, its waters are calm and crystal clear. At low tide, natural pools emerge where you can soak, swim or snorchel between a multitude of small tropical fish.

 Lovers of long walks find their terrain here, but its also possible rent of a bicycle or a horse to explore the entire beach and the other beaches beyond it. It is worthwhile to set aside an entire day to spend at Quarta Praia, enjoy its tranquility, read a good book or just get gilded by the sun.

Quinta Praia (5th Beach) ... perfect silence

The last beach to the south of Morro de São Paulo, seamed by beautiful mangrove forests with warm shallow waters, it definitely also the calmest. It is a beautiful walk up there and back, well worthwhile.



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