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Localization: Distances
Discover the exotic world of Natureza.

Distances, in walking minutes, from Hotel Pousada Natureza to the principal beaches and landmarks:

One of the great things about Morro de São Paulo is that almost everything is close by. To give you an idea of the typically short distances in the area, we prepared a list of the average time it takes to walk from Hotel Pousada Natureza to the principal beaches and landmarks of Morro de São Paulo.

Starting from Hotel Pousada Natureza, walking calmly, in "local style", it takes ...

  • 1 min. to the historic Nossa Senhora da Luz Church   
  • 3 min. to the "Portaló" and the pier, where boats depart and arrive.
  • 3 min. to the main square, the fair and good restaurants, bars and shops.
  • 4 min. to the historic "Fonte Grande" well.
  • 5 min. across the village to to Primeira Praia Beach (1st Beach)
  • 5 min. to the historic colonial fort and Praia do Forte Beach
  • 5 min. to Porto de Cima Beach via the pier (at low tide).
  • 5 min. to the lighthouse and the panoramic lookouts.    
  • 10 min. to the beaches of Segunda Praia, Terceira Praia and Praia do Iate.   
  • 20 min. to Quarta Praia and its natural aquariums and pools   
  • 40 min. to Gamboa Beach, the location of Hotel Pousada Natureza's own Saling Club and Beach Restaurant.
  • 90 min. to distant Quinta Praia (5th beach), a.k.a Praia do Encanto.
As you can see, the best of what Morro de São Paulo has to offer is just a few steps away from Hotel Pousada Natureza. And on top of it all, to enjoy a magnificent sea view and sunsets you won't even have to leave the premises of the hotel.
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