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Localization: Arriving  by boat
Discover the exotic world of Natureza.

How to get to Hotel Pousada Natureza when arriving in Morro de São Paulo
by boat

All vessels departing to Morro de São Paulo — motor boats & yachts, traditional saveiros and motorized catamarans — arrive at the pier near the historic fort. After disembarking, you will need to climb two inclined slopes or ramps, passing the ancient "Portaló" gate, until you reach Nossa Senhora da Luz church.

At this point, you'll be able to see Hotel Pousada Natureza to your left, at the back of a small square with a huge Almond tree.

The walking distance from the pier to Hotel Pousada Natureza is only 5 minutes. Be aware, however, that the second slope, once a part of the colonial fortification system, has a rather strong inclination. Hence, you should use the services of one of the many porters waiting at the pier to transport your luggage, which is usually done by wheelbarrow. Such "wheelbarrow taxis" are common in Morro de São Paulo and the islanders use them as well. Just remember to discuss the price before you accept these services, and pay only when they are completed. The porters know that Hotel Pousada Naturzea is close by and won't charge much for the trip. You'll probably pay between R$5 and R$ 10,00 per piece, depending on the size. Small backpacks usually cost R$ 3,00.

The porters have a lot of practice with what they do and usually climb the slope a lot quicker than you, even without your luggage. You do not have to worry about this, or try to keep pace with them, as they will always wait for you in front of Nossa Senhora da Luz Church at the top of the slope.

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