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Localization: Arriving by airplane
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How to get to Hotel Pousada Natureza when  arriving in Morro de São Paulo by  plane

Morro de São  Paulo has two airfields for small planes, used by the companies "Aero Star" and "Adey". While the field used by "Aero Star" is located comparatively far from the village, the one used by "Adey" is right behind Terceira Praia Beach and within walking distance from the village. If you came with "Aero Star", their shuttle service will get you to Segunda Praia Beach, from where its an easy 10 minute walk to Hotel Pousada Natureza. If you came with "Adey", you're already near the village, about 20 minutes by foot from Hotel Pousada Natureza.

You have the option to request our pick up service from Segunda Praia or Terceira Praia. Just notify the reception about the time of your arrival and someone from the hotel will pick you up, set a price with a local porter who will carry your luggage and walk you to the hotel. The fee for this service is R$ 5,00 per person and does not include the transport of luggage.

Porters are easily available all over the island and know their way to the different hotels very well. Just inform them that you're going to Pousada Natureza and discuss the price before handing your luggage over to them. While there is some room for bargaining, and while the average fare varies between R$ 5,00 and R$ 10,00 per piece (depending on size and distance), the total value for one full "trolley" shouldn't exceed R$ 30,00.

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