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Morro de São Paulo

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Morro de São Paulo,
an island paradise off the Brazilian coast in Bahia all the charms, a place to fall in love, relax and move. There are miles of beach with crystal clear warm sea waters forming natural pools delicious.

Breathtaking landscapes and the charm of being a village of the colonial period do in Morro de Sao Paulo a place that Brazilians and foreigners fall in love and want to always come back.
From dawn until sunset there are endless natural beauty to be explored, activity to be done or just do nothing and enjoy the sun and the beach.

At night, the village offers good restaurants / bars, good shopping and a Handicraft Market. For those who like to dance, there are nightspots to dance until sunrise and start all over again ...
Behold the charm of Morro de São Paulo, still life elapse in a bucolic setting, the mood is festive, relaxed and energizing.

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