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Useful Information

  • The Archipelago of Tinharé-Boipeba is an "APA", an area of environmental protection. Upon arrival, you'll be asked to contribute the small fee of R$ 6,50 that helps with the maintenance the health center and ambulances and the cleaning of beaches.
  • At the port, porters will offer their services to transport your luggage in a traditional "wheelbarrow taxi". They charge between R$ 3,00 and R$ 10,00 per piece, depending on weight and distance.
  • As opposed to mainland Brazil, voltage on the island is 220V !!!
  • There is no 24hours bank service in Morro de São Paulo. The "Casa Lotérica" processes transactions of the Caixa Economico Federal, while Banco do Brazil and Bradesco maintain electronic tellers. The tellers, however, do not always wokr, so don't rely on them and bring some extra cash with you from the mainland.
  • In the city of Valença, on the mainland, reachable from Morro de São Paulo by motor boat in about 30 minutes, offices of Banco do Brazil, Bradesco and Caixa Economico Gederal are open during business hours, and also offer international 24hours tellers.ATM’s
  • Most commercial establishments on the island accept credit cards.
  • Cellular phones of the companies TIM, VIVO, OI and CLARO have good coverage
  • Yes, there is broadband internet and there ARE cybercafés.
  • Keep in mind that the streets and alleys in the village are of SAND, and make sure to bring the right footwear.
  • Security on the island is pretty good. However, as everywhere else, you shouldn't test your luck by leaving valuable items unattended or bringing them to deserted places unless you need to.
  • Yes, there is a pharmacy in the village.
  • There is a medical center in the village, at the foot of the light house trail.
  • There are two mini-markets, a tobacconists and a small convenience store.

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