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Reservation Policy

Welcome to Hotel Nature Inn in Morro de Sao Paulo, Bahia.

Unforgettable experiences that stimulate the joy of living, is what we wish to share with you, so we need to ensure that your accommodation is available to you at the time of your arrival, we hope that the terms and conditions are convenient for you, if there is any need particular, we kindly ask you to contact us before making your booking, we will endeavor to meet your desire.

Terms and conditions of booking

The voucher booking guarantee ensures that the chosen accommodation is available and in perfect condition for use throughout the period reserved.
If there is any unforeseen to prevent compliance with this guarantee, the inn is responsible for providing another accommodation of the same or higher than booked, the Nature Inn or another with the same characteristics.

For confirmation of booking and selected additional services will be charged to the credit card or deposit received 50% of the booking value at the time of the request and the booking will be guaranteed when the voucher to the receipt of payment to get your e- email.
The remaining 50% to other outlets, if any, will be paid at check-out.
Infants and Children: pay the same amount for an adult.

With no delay statement, the reserved housing unit will be the guest's disposal during the 12 hours after check-in, after that will be considered as No Show and the unit will be put on sale again, with no refund of already paid.

  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> recoverable canceled, only for orders 30 days in advance of the day of check-in.
  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> Cancellations converted into daily, only requests 15 days in advance of the day of check-in, when the amount will be converted in credit valid for 60 days after the date of cancellation.
  • Cancellation after these deadlines, are considered "NO SHOW" and will not be refunded.

In sealed packets, even if guests stay at the inn for less than the time set for the package, the total value of the package will be charged.

Check-in: 14 hours
Check-out: 11 hours
Free earlier check-in and late check-out free: Only with vacating the room.
Being allowed to use the common areas of the hostel, like swimming pool, restaurant, luggage rack and bathroom.
Earlier check-in: 50% of the daily rate, subject to prior consultation when there is availability.
Late check-out: 50% of the daily rate, subject to prior consultation, when there is availability.

It is the elected forum Valencia to resolve any issues relating to reservations made at Pousada Nature Ltda.

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